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Lash Aftercare Kit

Lash Aftercare Kit

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Our clean and healthy foam cleanser rids lashes from dirt, oils, and old makeup! 

A pump of this solution leaves lashes and lids feeling moisturized, all while solving the problem of: 

  • Poor retention
  • Itchy eyes
  • Watering eyes
  • Build up
  • Closed fans

How to use

Close your eyes and apply one pump of cleanser to each. Use a soft, fluffy makeup brush to brush lids side to side gently and in a downward motion. Continue those motions for 1 minute to let the Lash Cleanser work its magic. 

For best results, perform this routine in the shower to quickly rinse the cleanser. Once thoroughly rinsed out of the lashes, allow your lashes to air dry or blow dry on cool and brush them upwards.

When to use 

  • Right before your fill appointment 
  • Daily or 3-5 x a week if you have seasonal allergies or wear eye makeup often 


  • Lash Bath Foam Cleanser
  • Lash wand with cover
  • Lash cleaning brush 
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